Monday, June 18, 2012


I deleted a lot of my former blogs over time in the past for personal reasons and would later regret doing so. Eventually, as my faith in Him grew stronger, I learned not to and accept it because He truly is the master and sustainer of the worlds and He knows what's best for us all. Even what we consider "bad" are actually blessings in disguise; it is to test our faith. I didn't know this then but I know now and have for a while. I am testimony to that and continue to praise and glorify Him everyday through the good times and the bad. Life is not easy and was never meant to be. We are here for a time and purpose and will continue to experience joy, pain, happiness, bitter, sweet and sorrow till the day we pay the debt none of us can escape. We should never lose sight of why we are here: to praise and glorify Him at all times.

A rhyme originally written by Adetokunbo Olaoluwa Adesanya a few years ago on a former Facebook account. Here goes:

People wan test
In peace, I leave em rest once standing
moving till I reach the best and put em to the test
with ten fingers up and palms facing you
I'm putting you to shame and displacing you
and like a phantom, you roll through the night
While I'm basking in the sun of The Everlasting Light

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