Sunday, June 24, 2012

What is the best dslr camera?

There isn't such a thing; cameras come in all shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. The question one should ask oneself is what he/she hopes to accomplish in photography and which camera best suits that purpose.
Don't get caught in the Nikon vs Canon “wars” as both are great cameras in their own right as well as other players in the market. The main advantage to owning a Nikon or Canon is their huge market share and support base. For example, I use to shoot with a Pentax but got frustrated with the support base and decided to bail out before locking myself up in a brand with little or no support and market share; I had to buy every single piece of equipment I needed because most stores did not rent them and none of my peers used the brand. I decided on Nikon after careful evaluation of what I needed. I loved the matrix metering, creative lighting system, fast focus and ergonomics of the brand. I currently capture images for fun with a Nikon D70 and can document almost anything with it including major events such as weddings but why make it harder on myself. This is where purpose plays a huge role. In major events, I require cameras with fast focus, great metering capabilities, less sensor noise, and a big LCD screen on the back so I can view images on the fly.
So if in the market for a DSLR, ask yourself what you hope accomplish with it. Chances are the camera will sit on the shelf most of the time collecting dust or used to capture intimate moments at family gatherings or document personal trips so why drop thousands of dollars on a camera for that. A point and click or the latest smart phones will do a great job of that and then some. I worry more about lighting than the camera because even the "best" cameras will take poor quality images in "bad" lighting. A good image could have been a great one had the lighting been just right for the scene. Here are some images captured with my D70 and kit lens.

Early Blossom

Cloth Sample 1

Cloth Sample 2

Cloth Sample 3

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