Sunday, July 22, 2012

Editorial vs Commercial images: a case of semantics.

   Editorial type images are used in numerous ways; they can be used to illustrate news worthy material, story books, text books or news letters. Commercial type images are usually used to advertise or promote products, ideas, or services.
   The problem is that there is no clear definition of what a commercial or editorial image is. This confuses many photographers especially those new to the business. In a discussion about the subject in an online forum, a colleague stated it's merely semantics; I couldn't agree more because an image can be used in an editorial and commercial fashion. The following image is more editorial in nature; it's a portrait of a man posing for me on a famous landmark known as the Brooklyn Bridge but it may be used to promote the bridge itself.
The next image is one that can easily be used in an editorial as well as commercial application. For instance, the company or person who made the cake can use the image to sell or promote his/her cake business or the image can be used to illustrate a topic on wedding cakes in a wedding magazine.
So as one can see, editorial vs commercial use of images is merely a case of semantics.

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